Friday, May 15, 2015

My Girl

as i may have mentioned once or a million times before, i never thought i was going to have a girl. throughout my whole pregnancy with gianna, i was certain she was a boy. i was preparing roman for the disappointment since he kept saying it was a girl and that he wanted a sister. but, here i am 3.5 years later, still shocked that i have a girl!

and boy, oh boy, is she a girly girl. in every sense. loves her nails painted. wants to wear a dress EVERY. DAY. twirls until she falls down. looks in the mirror... A LOT. asks me how she looks. and the drama...where do i begin?

but, i absolutely love it. and i am imagining her in her tween and teen years, how she is going to fight getting up to go to school and i'm going to have to bang on the bathroom door for her to let her brother get some time to brush his's going to be hilarious. just remind me that i said that in 10 years, okay? because i probably won't think so then. haha


here she is "hugging" her friend, gracie. these two share a birthday (11/11/11!!!) and will be in the same class at SGG when that time comes. right now, they like to hang out together when their brothers are together.

i ADORE this picture. it is so real. stray hairs popping out all over, her smile so genuine. she is the most beautiful girl in the world!
she is always wanting to do what big brother she is practicing her weight lifting skills.

for some reason, she decided that she wanted to wear her hat and gloves while eating her pretzels and watching a show. and, why not? so, it happened.

and momma got a little snuggle time on mother's day with this cutie.

love you babaloo!



Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pool & Park Parties

the weekend that i went away to jacksonville with a couple of girlfriends, our kiddos got invited to 3 parties! add in ballet and crossfit and it was just too much for poppa to fit in, so they ended up only going to 2 of the parties.

stefan's party was a pool party and apparently, it was a blast. look at these silly boys! (the 3 boys in blue each had a momma away for the weekend)

roman and his buddy, sebastian. i love the sneaky grins on their faces!

gianna got to tag along too, but apparently, it was a little chilly!



the next party was for carson and it was at a park. he may not have many teeth right now, but he has a nice toothless grin here! i love how the boys are all singing to him, but secretly eyeing up the cake!


they had a blast with the fun things planned (bandaging a wounded soldier?)and then had an impromptu football game after!

and this was happening at home...




Sunday, May 10, 2015


back on dr. suess' birthday, the kids at roman's school were allowed to dress up in a dr. suess shirt. we didn't have one, but since roman knew that a couple of the teachers have been thing 1 and thing 2 in years past, he wanted to be thing 3. since it was a last minute decision, and i was being cheap, we made the shirt. and check out what showed up on the school website! we love his great!


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Holly's Shower

missi and jaden threw holly a baby shower for the new little lady that we are expecting to arrive in late may/early june. it was small and family only, but we had a good time!


i made cake pops and missi put them in these painted mason jars, so cute!

cute decorations for a little girl shower


of course, gianna was all about that popcorn!

sunny, gianna and jj

these three stooges had fun playing together

gage and chase are excited to be big brothers. i asked what they wanted to name the baby and chase was shy and didn't tell me, but gage said "curly shirley" ... haha

they waited patiently through the gift opening part...

such cute little clothes for a little lady. holly doesn't know what to do with girl clothes!!

pretty girls!



Saturday, May 2, 2015

Around Here

here's what's been going on around here...


we went to mikah's birthday party and the kids got face paint and hand paint and sugar, oh my!



i think roman took this picture of gianna in the back of the truck at mcdonald's after church one day. i've never seen it until right now....haha sneaky kids

popsicles after dinner


kitchen accessories for hats?

brother got a picture, so i need one too! let me pose with my new bubble bath.

sharing is caring. the kids love a "coffee" treat! you take the short straw and i'll take the tall one!

we read a ladybug girl book and gianna did not realize that she actually had this costume. i love this picture because she is smiling for real...not for the camera.

since roman doesn't have any ball games on saturdays, he's been going to kids crossfit classes and they have him doing box jumps. look at that air!

twirling, twirling, seems like gianna is doing that everyday, all day. if her outfit for school doesn't twirl, we come right home and change into something that does!

i love the little curtsy at the end. such a princess.

so, that's what's been happening around here!


Tuesday, April 28, 2015


my kiddos have so much personality and i love it.

roman's got the best eyebrow action around!

and this little cutie's got silly faces galore!


Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Breakaway

we are on the 2nd week of spring break for roman, and since we didn't really plan anything super special for him, i thought it might be nice to go somewhere different and do something fun. our friends have been to this park before, but we haven't. i asked around to see if anybody else was up to heading there for a few hours and sure enough, we had quite a few friends that were able to come along!

this park is in ridgeland, sc, which is about 30-40 minutes away, but it has a really cool treehouse, zipline and splash pad. we packed lunches and swimsuits and headed up around 10:30.

the boys were quickly running all over the treehouse and it was hard to keep track of where everyone was. luckily, the whole playground is fenced in and we didn't have to worry about losing anyone.

silly boys

gianna loved this swing. it was a nice mix of hammock and swing...

soon after we arrived, the kids were hungry, so we all headed over to the picnic table to eat lunch. yes, that is 12 kids!

we secretly sent jennifer (another mom) over to the splash pad to see if she could turn it on. we didn't want the kids to be disappointed, but we also didn't want them to freak out when they saw the water shoot up out of the ground. spoiler alert...she figured it out...and so did the kids!! they rushed to put their suits on and headed for the splash pad.

the three little sisters...Nell, Gracie and Gianna.

i think she was having fun... don't you?


gianna definitely stayed around the edge, she wasn't quite brave enough to head in the middle.

those boys though...they lived in the middle around the spout.

after a while, they were over it and we went back and changed into dry clothes. gianna was feeling super confident and headed up to the top of the treehouse...hi momma!

so proud of herself

zip lining was so fun!





her favorite, the swings!

i was really impressed with roman's monkey bar skills


finally, time to leave. one last group shot.

oh last silly shot!!

i seriously needed a nap after all this fun!