Monday, March 23, 2015

A Weekly Wrap-up

last weekend, gianna had her friend emma over to play after ballet class. surprise, surprise, they played dress up! and found some fun things in g's toybox too!

we went out to dinner...someone dressed as a cheerleader and looked super cute in her poppa's hat.

these two were snuggling on one side of the booth...

...while these two were being goofballs on the other side!

i think we have our holidays mixed up here. it was st. patrick's day and roman was allowed to wear his favorite green shirt. but, he's looking more like a bunny...silly boy!

i love this picture. he's all sweaty, her hair is a rat's nest, but it's sunny and momma had snacks in the car, so they were happy happy happy!

love this crazy silly boy of mine!
gianna and momma had a date at the movies to see cinderella. i worried that it would be over her head because it wasn't a cartoon, but she didn't do too bad (although it was a bit beyond her). i mean, when momma promises popcorn, you go, right?

a little sunday morning grocery shopping after church...

the kids were keeping themselves occupied taking pictures of themselves!!

how cute are these two?



Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Weekend Warriors

this past weekend was fun in an unplanned kind of way.

on friday night, we made an impromptu bowling alley visit and it was a lot of fun. this was the first time that everybody bowled independently and that was quite a milestone for us.

look at him fling that ball down the lane!

roman would push gianna's little helper out to the lane for her and she would carry her own ball to it. and, of course, who doesn't wear their fairy wings to the bowling alley?

on saturday after dance class, gianna and momma and miss kelly went to charleston to visit miss allie and adeline. because mr. jason was out of town and miss allie's mom was there, we ended up spending the night and having an all girls night. so fun.

when we returned on sunday, we rested a bit and then headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. roman is getting ready for opening day soon, so he did a little batting and fielding practice.


poppa planted some new flowers out front and the kiddos are really enjoying taking care of them.

does anyone else see management in his future?

so, that's what our weekend was like. we are already looking forward to next weekend!


Wednesday, March 4, 2015


it seems like we always have something to celebrate around here!

my birthday was a couple weeks ago, but we had a nice evening together, and that is my favorite way to celebrate.

the boys seemed to be lighting a small bonfire with all my candles...

roman shaped them into my age. can you see it? i hope not!

and then, we got to have some treats!

my chocolate boy

my vanilla girl!

and sometimes we don't even need a reason to celebrate, we just get to eat ice cream on the couch

roman had president's day off of school and had his buddies over. they went to sonic on the golf cart. lucky!

she LOVES this dress from mimi and puts it on any chance she gets!

gianna dressed up her doll in her halloween outfit and they pretended to take her trick or treating.

celebrating the last game of the season, undefeated, baby!

this group of boys are so fun!

i love walking in and seeing my kiddos like this.

we even got to celebrate our friend adeline's baptism with miss allie and mr. jason. gianna sure does love her miss allie!

celebrating learning to spit! woo hoo!

this past weekend, we traveled to sumter, sc to watch macee and her teammates play in the state championship game and guess what? they won! to add the cherry on top of that...mimi flew down just to watch the game! what a great day!

who doesn't love a popsicle in the tub?

monday was dr. suess's birthday and roman got to wear a dr. suess shirt to school. since he knows that thing 1 and 2 always come and wreak havoc, he wanted to get in on the fun and be thing 3. but, they don't really make those shirts, so we made our own! he was so proud!

and when roman asked for pancakes, of course, i had to add a dr. suess flair to them and made a couple of hats, green eggs and a thing 1 flapjack. too fun!


Monday, February 23, 2015

And the Oscar Goes to....

someone was supposed to be taking a nap...

can you tell she has heard this book over and over?

this kid is too cool for school...

his basketball season is over now, but here are a few short videos from his last two games.



on saturday, we got to go to savannah and see rylee cheer in a competition. and guess what? her team won first place! go ry!!


Friday, February 20, 2015

Whatcha Been Up To?

sometimes, you just wanna make some cookies with sprinkles, right?

i love this view, the kids fresh out of the bath, watching a few minutes of a show before bed.

aren't these the only kind of bed bugs you want to have?

gianna went to a friend's birthday party and got her picture taken with elsa and some bubbles.

who says white boys can't jump?

roman needed to read, gianna needed a bath. let's kill two birds here, huh?

mimi bought gianna this pink dress and it literally took her 3.5 seconds to strip off her clothes and put it on. i think she likes it!

roman had to make a valentine's box for his party at school, so then he wanted to pose with it and his sister. yes, he wanted her in the picture, underpants and all!

every year, roman's school has a snow day. unfortunately, this year, i wasn't able to go, but our friend sherri sent me this picture. i love it!

after playing in the snow, they got to put on pajamas and have a valentine's party. so fun! sherri also sent me this picture and when i showed it to roman, he said "i was doing this with my eyebrows" *makes them go up and down* i was dying, because i can totally envision him doing that. when i told sherri that, she said "he's totally right, he was absolutely doing that...haha"

love that kid!

last friday, roman had a half day of school, so i picked him up and we had a date at dairy queen. i love spending time with him one on one. he is my sweet momma's boy, for sure!

the love fest continues, the kiddos got lots of sweet treats for valentine's day.

the boys got us girls flowers too, but i forgot to take a picture. we had a fun day with ballet, basketball, bounce houses and the movies. aunt maddy and dennis came to ro's game and to the bounce houses with us too. we were feeling the love!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

First Haircut

so, she's 3 years and 3 months old. do you think it is time to cut the curls? ack! i was so stressed over this, way more so than she was. i really didn't want to do it, but her hair was getting SO long and tangly. i thought that maybe if i cut an inch or so off the ends, it might help a bit. plus, her curls are not really all over anymore, they are mostly at the bottom of her hair because it is so long now, it actually weighs it down. so, here goes!

she was actually excited. but, she thought the scissors were going to hurt. roman helped me out and reassured her that she didn't need to worry.

see? she was pumped!

i can't believe that for the first year of her life, she had no hair. now, she's got a ton of it!

i was just a bit sad...but, i cut some off, her curls are still there and nobody got hurt. i guess that's a win/win, right?